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Roof Cleaning

Don’t replace your dirty roof, get it cleaned with Perfection Pressure Washing and save money. There is no need to spend up to 10 times as much to replace a roof that still has years of life left, professionals can easily get it restored back to its original beauty and effectiveness? Roofs are most commonly replaced due to their appearance. If your roof has black stains (algae), dirt, or lichens, Perfection Pressure Washing can clean it with our process. We use an effective method to kill the algae and dirt using a completely safe and proven cleaning system. Our team is highly professional and well-trained to do the roof cleaning job safely and efficiently.

Roof Cleaning DIY

Doing roof cleaning by yourself can be risky. Regular cleaning can clean your roof at some level but professional deep cleaning is very much required to remove the algae, moss, mold and other critical dust particles. By keeping your roof clean, you can actually extend the life of your roof and its ability to function properly.

Stay off the roof and call us to get your roof looking new again!

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Why Perfection Pressure Washing

Removal of Algae

Many different types of algae tend to grow on roofs that have been shaded by trees or buildings and are in high moisture areas, and this will reduce the life expectancy of your roof. We are a professional roof cleaning company in St. Petersburg, FL. We will help remove this problem and increase the life expectancy of your roof.

Our Post Treatment for Roof Algae Removal

Our team is highly expert in removing all stains, algae, moss, and dust from the roof but still, we do a proper post inspection to ensure that all moss and algae have been removed during the roof cleaning operation.

Products and Equipment

We use only professional equipment for roof cleaning services so that you receive the best roof cleaning results. We also use professional products for all our roof cleaning to clean the roof safely and effectively.

Work Guarantee

All of our work is satisfaction guaranteed – if something isn’t right, we will work to make it right.

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Perfection Pressure Washing offers professional roof cleaning services. We use effective and safe roof cleaning solutions completed by well-trained personnel to get your property sparkling like new.

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